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Personal Injury Attorney

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Car accidents kill close to 40,000 people every year in the United States (according to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Association (NHTSA)), and unfortunately, they are the leading cause of death for individuals 2 to 34 years old. Car accidents also cost insurance companies billions of dollars each year.

What Can Your Personal Injury Attorney Do For You?

Look for an attorney who is expert in their field. Ask them a few questions:

  • How long have they been practicing law?
  • Can they take your case now, or as soon as you’re ready?
  • Will they give you an initial consultation?
  • How far away are they?
  • Will they work on retainer (no pay up front)?

Being injured due to an accident or negligence on the part of someone else is a stressful experience. But when necessary, you want to make sure to protect your interests. That’s why finding an attorney with knowledge and experience is so important.

And since this is something you don’t go through very often, you need an expert on your side. You need to consider any number of aspects of the process:

  • How will your medical costs be paid for?
  • Will you have lost income because of this injury?
  • Does this injury affect your ability to be employed?
  • What is the best estimate of your recovery time?

Your attorney can help you understand and make good decisions about all of the important issues that arise when you’ve been injured in an accident. You will be placing your trust in their knowledge and experience as you go through the process.

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